Summer sessionals



Learn encaustic techniques such as collage, printing techniques, sculpture, gilding, printmaking methods and glazing techniques,  as well as health and safety issues. Hag Atelier is specially designed for group instruction with a powerful exhaust unit and hoods as well as a separate station for heat gun and iron.  You’ll be supplied with your own pan and storage area as well as access to brushes, tools and heating implements.
Explore, play and develop technique through individual instruction that will challenge you to develop a personal vision and artistic practice. This studio opportunity is structured around consultation with the instructor-as-mentor on materials, media, techniques, ideas, and process to create a unique body of work. The objective is to develop creativity and individual style. Class size capped at 8 students
class dates June 30th to July 4th
                  July  7th to July 11th
$395/week plus $30 wax fee