back to school, teen mixed media classes

g_smith1allArtists. What makes you one? Is it your passion for the way the paints spreads as it will across the canvas? Is it the mesmerizing realization that you can bend reality, creating shadows and light in place you never thought possible? Is it the satisfying notion that your work hangs above someone’s bed, or in their kitchen, and that they feel things when they see it too?

There is no greater joy than that of expression. At Hag Atelier, Heather Gentleman, a full time artist from the Distillery District, creates a safe place for that creative fire to be ignited. As a long time student of Heather’s, it is my joy to make it known that she offers classes to teenagers, much like you and I, who crave to explore and delve into the inner confines of their minds, freeing their thoughts through sketching, encaustic, paint, sculpture, and mediums never before seen in Arts & Crafts class.

Heather Gentleman takes a white, airy, well-lit room in the Distillery and somehow manages for it to expand beyond its physical limits, creating a safe space where young adults come to explore, create and hone their skills. Throughout my experience at Hag Atelier, I connected not only with my creative side, but also with what the nature of art and creation can do for us.

Genevieve Smith