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Hag Atelier is a welcoming light filled open studio that is fully equiped for encaustic painting, with a powerful exhaust unit and hoods as well as a separate station for heat gun and iron. Each student is supplied with their own pan and storage area as well as access to brushes, tools and heating implements.  The studio has eight work stations, each with their own outlet and pan as well as storage area for the “regulars”. There is also a large reference library and sitting area with an overstuffed couch and funky chandelier.  Sit back, relax and puruse art books with a cup of tea.

“I consider joining Heather’s class four years ago one of the best things I have done for myself.

Heather guides her class in the traditional classic methods of drawing. You gradually learn to draw what you see, not what you think you see. She manages to give each and every one of us the individual attention we need. We are all at different levels.

I think because the studio atmosphere is calm and relaxed. Everything is up for discussion: creativity, current artists’ work…..Aside from the actual drawing, you will look at a piece of art with an immense appreciation, an educated eye, and a greater knowledge of art history than you started out with.

In short, its all good.”
Julia Gallagher