Students will be challenged with individual exercises designed to sharpen visual perception, extend drawing skills and knowledge while exploring traditional and non-traditional media. Development of individual style and technique will be encouraged. Through a variety of reference and projects, the students with explore form, proportion, line, shading, perspective and composition. Life drawing and study of the muscular and skeletal systems is offered for those interested in developing their skill in drawing the figure.

Thursday 12:30 to 3:30

Fall Term : September 10 to December 21  $600

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Winter Term : January 7 to March 10  $400

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Spring Term : March 31  to May 26  $480

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“I have been drawing and painting since childhood. My experience with Heather as my teacher must be categorized as ‘before’ and ‘after’. ‘Before’, I didn’t notice how badly disproportioned they were. ‘After’, my drawings now are the basis for my enthusiasm for perfecting line and form. I owe Heather many thanks. Through Heather’s excellent teaching skills and accurate eye, I can now see why my previous work was ‘wonky’. ”         Eileen Sakal