Teen Portfolio Class

Hag Atelier Art Portfolio Development Classes are for students who are applying to a secondary school of the arts and art colleges/universities. This class helps students create and build a portfolio of work that will round out their school applications, prepare them for an art school program and strengthen the impression they make with the portfolio jury. This class delves into various mediums and approaches from the classical to the contemporary. Focus will be on both technical and conceptual ability.

Thursday 4:00 to 5:30     13 to 17 years

Fall Term : September 10 to December 21  $375

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Winter Term : January 7 to March 10  $250

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Spring Term : March 31  to May 26  $300

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Her class for teens is amazing, versatile, entertaining, and never fails to challenge. She sets us on the path of development artistically, and she isn’t afraid to push us a little bit, a little further out of our comfort zone. We’ve explored graphic novels, watercolours, encaustic, sketching, indican ink, acrylic, sculpture, collage and everything under the sun. I have never had a more satisfying experience then to sit back and look at something I never dreamed being able to produce, all thanks to a teacher who kept me from resting on my laurels. I’ve come so far in her class, from an seven-year old girl who loved oil pastels, to a nearly 16 year old with a passion for ink, encaustic, sketching, and a multitude of things I never even considered to be within my reach. Her class allowed me to grow as an artist, and her endless support permitted me to develop a style and enough confidence to get myself out there and actually make a few commissions. She was around from my first sale, and she helped me pick pieces to donates for auction. She has been there every step of the way, and thanks to her guidance, I’ve thrived.
Heather Gentleman is everything a person could hope for in a teacher. She is patient, sketching and re-sketching endlessly, to demonstrate her vision. She is understanding, as the frustrations of not achieving the desired results draws tears out of many a student (myself included). She never holds back, letting us in on her thoughts and opinions, her goals for us and her hopes and aspirations for the class. She is funny, kind, warm, loving, and I can’t think of a better environment to work in, Creatively, emotionally, and everything in between, she is a support system unto herself.

I highly recommend this class to anyone with a passion for creation, expression, and simply just a love of art. It’s a place of learning, growth, love, and a fine environment for develpment of every variety. Heather Gentleman is amazing, and so are her classes”.
Genevieve Smith